Introduction to: TeamsLink

Introduction to:

Secure a true Unified Communications solution for your business with Fletcher’s Business Solutions and Microsoft Teams. With full collaboration that is custom-built for businesses, you can now link every part of your business together through messaging, calling, meetings, file sharing and existing third-party applications.

Enable external voice calling from within your Microsoft Teams client securely and efficiently. Connect inbound and outbound calling directly through Microsoft Teams. Make and Receive UK, international and mobile calls even with non-Teams contacts with reliable and cost-effective bundles.

Why choose TeamsLink for your business?

TeamsLink is a fully cloud-based solution, so there’s no need for any onsite infrastructure. You can communicate and collaborate with your team anywhere and anytime. Just make the switch and start calling from your Teams client with ease.

Already an Office 365 user?

If you are already using Office 365 for your business, as a cloud-based solution, TeamsLink will seamlessly integrate with your current licenses to make the transition even easier. With no onsite infrastructure, you can make the switch an start calling! Third-party apps can also be synched up to your Microsoft Teams to bring your collaboration to as many applications ass possible.


  • TeamsLink Management Portal
  • Microsoft Approved Solution
  • Microsoft Certified Hardware
  • Simple Per-user pricing
  • Unlimited UK Minutes
  • Numbers Available in 127 countries
  • Location Cased Routing
  • Monitoring tools for call traffic
  • Full UK porting Ranges
  • Integrate with PBS(TeamsLink connect)
  • MiFID II Compliant Recording


  • Cost Saving on calls
  • Simple set up
  • Feature-rich Portal
  • Optimise Bandwidth & Voice Quality
  • Infinitely Scalable System
  • Integrate Existing Phone System
  • Hybrid Platform for Smooth Migration
  • UK Based Technical Support
  • 20+ year porting & carrier Experience
  • Teams Integrated Handsets
  • Keep your Existing Numbers

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