Online Courses

Online Courses

Introduction to: Online Courses

Introduction to:
Online Courses

We offer a suite of Online Training Courses, Approved and Video Based. There are over 100 titles covering Health and Safety, Business Skills, Leadership, Social Care and Hospitality. Whether you are in need a boost in customer service skills or would like to gain an advantage through a completely new sector, Fletcher’s Business Solutions have the courses for you.

Effective virtual learning environment

Our video e-learning provides a completely new, highly effective medium through which to deliver online training. A powerful combination of embedded presenters, live video footage and animated graphics immediately grabs learner interest and holds attention. Face-to-face eye contact builds trust, triggers emotion and delivers a memorable tone and style, while communicating the essence of the learning content.

The overall result is increased learner engagement and the creation of a lasting, positive impression.

Dedicated customer services advisors

Our team of advisors will work closely with you from the start – and will provide you with a dedicated Customer Services Advisor. We will guide you through the entire process from start to finish, free of charge.

Bulk credit & unlimited usage packages

Customers can pay a monthly subscription for unlimited usage of a variety of commercial packages. This gives you the flexibility and the peace of mind that comes from knowing costs in advance. You can assign large quantities of generic credit. This gives you the opportunity to predict how much training you will need and to make appropriate purchases upfront. Both packages reward you with lower prices.

Benefits of Bundles

Why choose bundles? – Bundling helps increase your average order value – an important indicator of business success and growth.

Enhance the customer experience – Bundling makes it easier and more convenient the select the right courses.

Improve customer confidence – Customised bundling gives customers the peace of mind that Fletcher’s Business Solutions are catering to their needs.

Free trials

Free trial functionality is available. There are very few online training companies that can match the quality offered by Fletcher’s Business Solutions. Take a free trial on a Fletcher’s course, so you can see how good they are, then use that to decide on whether you are happy or not.

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