Card Payments

Card Payments

Introduction to: Card Payments

Introduction to:
Card Payments

Our partners at takepayments can help you get set up with a card machine package that’s personalised around your business. All of the machines come with contactless technology, Apple and Google Pay, as well as the latest safety features and technology. With Barclaycard’s Faster Payments, any payment will be in your account the next day as opposed to the standard 3 day wait. We have 12 months contracts (one of the shortest on the market), with personalised packages and no set up or exit fees.

Choose from a range of card machines:


Perfect for taking payments from a fixed point, countertop card machines are fitted with the latest software so taking secure payments is quick and easy. This machine also comes with fast printing receipts and is contactless ready. Just plug into your internet or phone! 

A wide range of retail and hospitality businesses can benefit from this reader. 

  • Take payments from your till or reception point.
  • Compact design so it won’t take up much space.
  • Connect by broadband or phoneline.


A small and lightweight portable machine that allows you to move freely around your premises and take card payments up to 50m from the base using Bluetooth. The long lasting battery means there’s no need to stop and charge: once a day should be enough. 

Perfect for restaurants, pubs and more! 

  • Take the card machine to your customers’ table.
  • 50m range via Bluetooth.
  • Long-lasting battery life.


For business on the go, a lightweight mobile card reader is great for taking contactless card payments securely. Using a SIM card with 3G to connect to a GPRS signal means paying by card is quick and easy for you and your customers.  

  • Take the terminal with you out on the road.
  • Built in SIM card so you can connect to a GPRS signal
  • Long-lasting battery life.

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Fletcher’s Business Solutions are partnered with takepayments and act as an introducer to them. When you make an enquiry you will be contacting Fletcher’s Business Solutions for further information.

Other Services

Below you can find a range of other services we offer

EPOS Systems

An EPOS system is like a ‘business in a box’. Our partners at takepayments can help you get set up with the C15W, the latest EPOS system from market leaders EPOS NOW.  

Online Payments

Keep your business open 24/7 with online payments. Our partners at takepayments can help you set up payments through your website. 

Phone Payments

A virtual terminal through takepayments, our card payments partners, lets you accept cards from your customer over the phone.  

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