Educational Referrals and Support

Introduction to: Educational Referrals & Support

Introduction to:
Educational Referrals
and Support

Fletcher’s Business Solutions is an Accredited Training Provider

The goal of Fletcher’s Business Solutions is to see measurable improvement in targeted areas nationwide where people with social, behavioural, emotional and wellbeing issues are taken into consideration.

We are here to offer our unique expertise, advice and training to support learners in continuing their education towards successful career readiness on their journey to employment.

Local authorities have a key role both as a learning provider and in partnership with others, including local businesses (in part through local enterprise partnerships), Jobcentres, the voluntary and community sector, and the education and training sector.

Adult Education Budget Report

This report was created by Leighton Wint, the office manager for Fletcher’s Business Solutions in regards to the lacklustre results coming from the Adult Education Budget. Our aim in this endeavour was to outline the issues and problematic practices that are being used, and offer our assistance through a number of solutions we believe would be effective in helping individuals nationwide.


This is where we come in as we have a proven track record in engaging and supporting people who have struggled to find employment or training through other avenues. Our referral process is designed to help people who feel disengaged with society and have lost all aspect of social inclusion and purpose.

We source the candidates through our own holistic approach, giving them access to education providers and positions of employment. With our high retention rate due to our specific methods, this provides young people with the right tools to succeed in life through hard work and dedication. If you, as a company, are struggling to keep retention high, Fletcher’s can give you the support you need.


After investigating the reasons for non-appearances by 75% of candidates, we have discovered three main groups of barriers towards participation in adult education and training:

1.    Dispositional barriers:
For instance “low grades in the past”, “not confident in my ability” and “don’t enjoy studying”.

2.    Institutional barriers:
Laws, policies, strategies or practices that discriminate against people.

3.   Situational barriers:
Financial restraints, time restraints, mobility restraints (such as transport etc.).

The social aspect of the plan is to bring added value to local people’s work ethics and life skills by offering an opportunity to assist their journey. This is where Fletcher’s Business Solutions comes in. We have created a Life Skills programme, in which candidates can utilise any of our 21 courses in a bespoke package which will enable them to forward themselves in either work or educational opportunities. We have 3 varying levels based on how much support individuals need. This is split into Award, Certificate and Diploma level. These can be used as attachments to existing or future courses individuals would like to undertake.

Life Skills Programme: Level 1 in Personal & Social Skills

• To achieve the Award, the learner must complete a maximum of 4 modules in any combination from the modules available.

• To achieve the Certificate, the learner must complete a minimum of 7 modules in any combination from the modules available.

• To achieve the Diploma, the learner must complete a maximum of 21 modules in any combination from the modules available.

Personal Resilience and PerseveranceUnderstanding the Term Mental HealthPersonal Change Management
Participation Personal Behaviours and StandardsManaging your own FinanceSetting and Achieving Personal Goals
Forming Positive RelationshipsProduce a CVApplying for Opportunities
Career Progression OpportunitiesTransferable Skills and QualitiesUnderstanding and Portraying British Values
Equality and Diversity in Everyday LifeRecycling and Waste ManagementProblem Solving
Resolving ConflictHabit ManagementBullying Awareness
Understanding RadicalisationPersonal Stress ManagementCounty Lines Awareness

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Our Testimonials of working with Fletcher’s

Jonathan Leon

Company: Leon Group – Security & Events

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“We use there service this year in these difficult times and they was absolutely brilliant can’t praise them enough. Well done guys keep up the good work.”

Gemelle Grant

Company: Romayo Fraikou Footwear

Positive: Professionalism

“We are extremely proud of the support Fletchers has provided for our sons. Who have gone on to both find gainful employment and begin there small businesses with the help of the the team. We cannot thank or recommend them enough.”

Rachel Warren

Company: Birmingham says no – CIC

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

“As a community interest company (Birmingham Says No) we have worked with Cleve of Fletcher’s Business Solutions on several occasions, working together to tackle knife crime and youth violence.
I have always found Cleve and the company to be extremely professional, reliable and very efficient. They have always been willing to volunteer their time to support our projects and have worked alongside us on various occasions.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fletcher’s Business Solutions.”

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We want to help you develop your website from code to final concept in the most affordable, accessible and professional way that we can.

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At Fletcher’s Business Solutions we are offering our professional Blog and Copywriting services where we will work alongside you to create high quality marketing material.

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We build better futures for our clients through an integrated offer of communications, experience, commerce and technology.

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