IoT & M2M

IoT & M2M

Introduction to: IoT ‎‎&‏‏‎ ‎‎M2M

Introduction to:
IoT ‎‎&‏‏‎ ‎‎M2M

Internet of things (IOT) is a network of physical objects embedded with sensor, software and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet. The objects have software, sensors, actuators, electronics and network connectivity embedded enabling them to collect data and exchange it with other objects. 

Machine to machine (M2M) is any technology that enables networked devices to exchange information and perform actions without the manual assistance of humans. Add M2M connectivity to your own applications, such as vending machines, smart meters, cctv/cameras and vehicles this allows you to track or monitor any field-based asset through the use of these systems, which will help benefit the routine of business and improve communications between sectors. 

Benefits of IoT

  • Monitoring Data – IOT & M2M technology can be used in many ways the help monitor data within a business. For example it can be used to monitor stock control in supermarkets or even share temperatures of fridges and freezers with other systems. 
  • Ease of Access – IOT technology can provide businesses with easy access to information such as exact locations using a simple device. 
  • Faster Operations – IOT & M2M technology allows multiple tasks to be completed in unison which can be useful in industries with repetitive tasks as it allows employees to put more focus into challenging tasks. 
  • Money Saving – The technology allows devices to communicate with one another improving day to day life communications which can significantly reduce the running costs of a business. 
  • Providing Global wireless connectivity to 200+ countries. 
  • Patented Multi-IMSI SIM that enables local wireless connections to 800+ carriers globally.
  • Connect and manage diverse communications technologies & devices in real-time.
  • Fully service suite to create innovative & customized solutions for the global enterprise.
  • One bill, one provider to hyper connect and orchestrate disparate communication elements seamlessly, securely and without interruption.

All our IoT sims use Proprietary Multi-IMSI Technology

  • IMSI or International Mobile Subscriber Identity is used to uniquely identify the user of a mobile network.
  • IMSI and keys in the SIM provide the high level of security that GSM connectivity guarantees.
  • Traditionally the home IMSI roams on to other networks when the user travels.
  • With Multi-IMSI SIMs, the IMSI can be swapped to a local IMSI or the most appropriate IMSI to use on the visiting network.
  • Our Multi-IMSI SIM has a built-in application with the logic for selecting the right IMSI.
  • No reliance on servers or the user, IMSI selection is automatic.
  • Traveling users just need to turn their device on and enjoy seamless worldwide coverage.
  • Once connected, users can be assured of a high quality, low-cost, reliable service.

Our services:

Here at Fletchers Business solution we aim to offer you a wide range of IOT and M2M technology to help improve the efficiency and day to day running of your business. Check out our list of services below. 

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Other Services

Below you can find a range of other services we offer

Leased Lines

Leased Lines – also known as Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) – gives a committed ethernet connection straight to your building. This means your connection is 100% yours, so you don’t give up any speed for anyone else.


Who needs home or office landlines when you can sign up for a voice-over-IP service at a fraction of the cost of traditional carriers?


Secure a true Unified Communications solution for your business with Fletcher’s Business Solutions and Microsoft Teams.

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