Our Partnership with more:trees

We have partnered with THG (eco) on the more:trees project so you can plant trees as part of your purchase. Climate change is harming our planet and Fletcher’s Business Solutions are committed to being a part of the green initiative to help reduce carbon emissions and help our ecosystems thrive. This partnership enables you to plant trees when you shop. £1 of every sale goes towards planting a tree, so you can help sequester CO2 emissions with every purchase.

THG (eco) work with three planting partners across the world, a variety of projects and tree planters who:

  • Understand local growing conditions.
  • Which saplings to plant in specific conditions.
  • Optimum time to plant and seasonal challenges.
  • How to nurture the forest for thriving growth and CO2 sequestration.

The trees you plant with us will go towards helping three key areas in this global project.


Reforestating Ankarafantsika National Park with dry deciduous forest to restore natural habitats and reduce the effects of climate change.

Mida Creek, Kenya

With a designated site in Kenya, they plant a variety of native mangrove trees to help water supplies, reduce flooding, and reignite the local economy.

South-East Haiti

Planting a variety of indigenous agroforestry trees in poverty-stricken areas to enhance food secure and provide incomes.

Project Accreditation

  • Cutting edge technology to clarify performance and quality of project.
  • Maximised environmental/community impact.
  • Independent, rigorous checks to continually test, validate and refine forestry practices and management.
  • Real-time planting through satellite imagery to see the real-story.

When shopping with Fletcher’s Business Solutions you are helping to build a greener future.

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